Special Olympic Games Berlin 2023
12. September 2023.

Special Olympic Games Berlin 2023

Lots of companies recognize Furki sport as a great partner for giving top level sport results service. We had an honor to be invited by Kronos for being part of their results team for Special Olympics Berlin 2023.

This was maybe the most challenging project for us so far, but we trusted our results system and our Furki sport team and we can proudly say that we delivered great service. After being involved in handball tournament during test event National Special Olympics Berlin 2022, our partner Kronos was requesting us to overtake 12 different sports for Berlin 2023: tennis, table tennis, badminton, bocce, basketball, basketball 3×3, football, futsal, field hockey, volleyball, beach volleyball and handball.

On all these sports we were delivering full results system. On each field of play (more then 120) we have installed our scoreboard console and displaying results on sport specific scoreboards. Results data were automatically sent to on venue central results system. In OVR room we were generating match reports. Together with our partner, Kronos, we delivered API system that was used for sending data from venue to central diffusion system of the games to display results on official event web site.

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